High quality education

Private lessons in field of mathematics, electrical engineering, programming and other fields of natural sciences, all in one place.

Efficient problems solving

Our team of professors can answer on all of your concerns related to natural sciences, and also they can teach you whatever you need to know.

Many years of experience

We possess many years of experience, teaching the students of all ages and all education profiles.

Private lessons and classes

Private lessons and classes

Dear visitors,
We deal with all levels of education in the field of natural sciences. We possess many years of experience, working with university students and high school students, regardless the educational profile. We are particulary focused on studying and applications of mathematics, computer programming, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics and chemistry.
We are at your disposal for all your questions and concerns, and we can work wth you individually or in group with other students.
If you are a university student or a high school student, or you simply want to learn more, feel free to contact us over our contact page, social network , or by mobile phone or viber on +381 (0) 69 2093 – 875.

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Online problems solving

Online problems solving

You can use our portal for online problem solving, especially problems in field of mathematics, chemistry, physics and other fields, that you can find in our section private lessons. We provide new techniques and adequate environment in process of learning, in an easy and interesting manner.

For more information about studying remotely or from home, feel free to contact us over our contact page, or by telephone +381 (0) 69 2093-875

Classes for Entrance exams

Classes for Entrance exams New

It’s not easy to prepare yourself for an entrance exam. If you really want to enroll the faculty or high school, than you need to master the material in detail. In our school we are teaching preparatory classes in the field of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, for all universities.

The best feedback about our work are experiences of our students. You can contact them, and you can read their experiences on our facebook page.



SAT exam is standardized test, which is necessary to enroll the majority of American Colleges. GMAT is also a standardized test, used as an entrance exam for bachelor, master and post graduate studies abroad, especially for MBA programs (Masters of Business Administration). You can enroll preparatory classes online.

For all other information regarding the SAT and GMAT tests, contact us via our contact page, or by mobile phone on +381 (0) 69 2093-875